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until the sun burns out --

Liza's LJ

I'm Elle-Liza-Beth. Pick one of those and call me it.
I'm pretty confident in myself so I sometimes come off as conceident, but I don't mean to. Unless I'm joking.
I'm a computer nerd; graphics making, web page designing tech geek. And I love it, so don't get all judgemental about me, because I still own you and your socks.
I've got a lot of ambitions. Lots of things on my TO-DO list, like travel the world, write a book, end world hunger. You know, the usual stuff.
Actually, I've gone to modeling & acting school, writers' workshops, science camp, tech camp and bible camp. I like trying new things and I've no idea what I want to be when I grow up (although lately I've been leaning towards architect), but I do know that I WILL be successful, there's no ifs, ands or buts about it. I'll probably live in someplace that's either exotic or European. Or a little of both. x]
I move a lot. My parents are divorced and when one moves the other follows so I've moved about once a year since I was born. It's interesting, but I have friends all over the US, and even some in England, although I haven't lived there; yet.
I'm a pretty starstruck person. I like celebrity men. Regular boys just don't grab my attention as much as the famous ones do. So if I end up being a model or actress, keep a look out for my name attached to [insert latest celebrity love here]. ;D
MMkay, that's all for now.